Thursday, 29 January 2009

Day of Reckoning

Every year I total up the amount of time spent aboard Starcross, the distance covered and the number of locks passed through. I suppose I do it to re-assure myself that I'm still getting value for money and haven't got tired of my new toy.

Here are the results for 2008, compared with previous years.

2008: Days on Board 64; Miles 396; Locks 206
2007: Days on Board 41; Miles 344; Locks 181
2006: Days on Board 60; Miles 514.5; Locks 378
2005: Days on Board 63; Miles 520.5; Locks 777

The amount of time spent on board has returned to the average of previous years following 2007, when Starcross was out of commission for three months following a major breakdown that required a new engine. I continue to be impressed by the amount of time I can find to spend afloat, given that I still work full time and that we don't spend our main summer holiday on the cut. The reduced mileage and lockage compared with 2006 is due to the fact that we spent more time using the boat as a weekend retreat. The enormous number of locks in 2005 is due to the fact that we had a mooring at Lowsonford on the heavily-locked southern Stratford canal. In fact, we had to go through at least 14 locks every time we turned round!

Once the few days that we owned Starcross in 2004 are added in the grand totals are now:
Days on Board 237
Miles 1,829
Locks 1,440


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Your days may be back up to adverage but I think you have started slacking, your milage is down by about 20% :-)

Jim Davies said...

Mileage may be down - but lockage is up - 25% so maybe not slacking so much! :-)