Monday, 16 February 2009

Office Life (2)

The office, where I'm condemned to spend most of my non-boating days, is only a couple of kilometres from where I live, so the journey's relatively easy -without a car that is. In the summer I can avoid the traffic by getting on my bike and ten minutes later - I'm there.
Its different in the winter. By the time I've gathered together hat, coat, gloves, hi-vis vest, lock and front and back lights from wherever they've migrated to since I got home yesterday, then unlocked the shed, got the bike out and locked up again I could almost have walked it.
Adding to this the fact that car drivers don't really see cyclists, even in good light, (I know, I was a car driver before I became one) means that in the winter its a better option to walk to work, which I do.

Nevertheless I do miss the cycling. Not only is it quicker, but I arrive feeling more alive and alert - and my brain's already working having been put to good use anticipating the likely antics of all those unseeing drivers along the way.
The bike I came to work on today.

So, as the seasons slowly turn and the year progresses, there comes a day when I know it will be light enough at both ends of the working day not to need the lights and warm/dry enough not to need all the protective clothing so that I can get to work on the bike and, yes, you've guessed it -

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