Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Busy with Bloggers at Norbury Junction

All of a sudden Norbury Junction is flavour of the month for bloggers. Epiphany arrived here yesterday and Chas and Ann of Moore 2 Life passed through a few days before (although by a slip of the keyboard Chas refers to it as "Norton Jc" in his blog).

Sue and Vic's "No Problem"

No Problem has been at Norbury Wharf for a while pending a partial re-fit of the saloon and, in a comment on my blog, Cap'n Ahab on Wand'ring Bark tells me he's likely to be coming through as well. Added to this, as I set off on Starcross for Gnosall last Friday, who should be arriving but Debdale, presumably just completing its move from Stockton Brook to Norbury, which will be its new base for a while.

So bloggers all of a sudden are like buses (allegedly) and I'm stuck behind a desk 70 miles away wishing I was there to say "Hello" to you all!


Adam said...

Hi Jim

Good to know that Debdale has arrived. I thought the people who were moving her were planning to take two weeks, but obviously got there quicker.

Jim Davies said...

Debdale didn't appear to be at the wharf when I got back on Sunday so perhaps they've carried on northwards for another week.

An English Shepherd said...

Nice post & picture of Dog, looks like a Border Collie :-)

Jim said...

Not my dog (or my photo for that matter) I'm afraid.