Friday, 24 April 2009

Continuous Cruisers are "pariahs" - Hoax!

This notice has recently appeared on the back of the toilet door at Wheaton Aston sanitary station. But what does it mean? According to one dictionary definition, a pariah is an unwanted person or an outcast, so does BW think that CC-ers are outcasts but shouldn't worry about it, or haven't I understood? The strap line says "British Waterways Promoting Diversity in Boating".

Another way in which BW is allegedly promoting diversity on the Shropshire Union Canal is by putting up a notice, this time on the back of the chemical-toilet disposal unit door at Norbury Junction in seven languages. I can't tell you what it says as the seven don't include English, and in fact only two of them use the Roman alphabet!

And whatever you may think about BW's diversity policy, surely there are better places to promote it than on the back of toilet doors!

It now appears (see Adam's comment) that these notices are a hoax. But who could be bothered to go to all that trouble and why bother! I wonder if its the same person who appears to have removed the hot water boiler from the toilet block!



Adam said...

Jim, I took the liberty of showing your post to a colleague, who did a bit of digging. It seems that these signs are nothing to do with BW, although they're now grateful to know about them. I believe they're trying to find out who put them up.

Jim said...

OK looks like its a hoax then. I'll amend the post accordingly