Monday, 18 May 2009

Judy - and Amanda

This is Judy. Norbury Wharf's latest addition to their fleet! Seen here at her weekend "mooring" at the junction of the lane that leads to Norbury Wharf from the A519 main road, where it acts as a advertising hoarding luring passers-by to the delights of Norbury Junction (and very successfully too if the crowds outside the Junction Inn and Wharf Tea Rooms on a fine day are anything to go by.

And Amanda? Well, if I were to have taken the photo from a different angle you'd have seen that that side of the boat is called "Amanda"! Obviously someone at Norbury Wharf is being very careful not to upset the ladies!


AsRealAs Alexander said...

this cute~haha..

Captain Ahab said...

I's worried about the lack of annodes.Wont this shorten her life expectancy? Or maybe I have been into one too many discussion forums!