Friday, 5 June 2009

Last Run

The few bus services that actually reach Norbury Junction are run by the Green Bus Service
Every Friday, a bus runs to Newport, where it's market day, and on Fridays in August the company brings out this splendid veteran - a Bedford OWB. Production of these buses was undertaken during the second world war (the "W" stands for "wartime") although this example is actually a replica constructed from a slightly later model.

Its quite a sight to see the bus, complete with driver and conductor, operating on the service and carrying the good citizens of Norbury and surrounding villages to market, just as similar buses would have done 65 years ago! Sadly, however, its a sight that may not be seen this year - or ever again - as the Green Bus Service has lost its Operator's licence following a history of poor maintenance (on its modern-day fleet) and will have to close at the end of the month.

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