Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Why Do They Do These Things?

An email that recently came my way at work carried the following information in the "footer"

Please note that as of 5th January 2009, the Anglers’ Conservation Association has become the legal arm of the new unified body for angling, the Angling Trust, and now operates under the name Fish Legal.

Honestly! "Fish Legal"! I thought I'd got used to the fact that organisations feel the need to re brand themselves in ever more informal styles but somehow hoped that had all come to an end after the Post Office's disastrous attempt to rename itself "Consignia". Waterways World sent it all up brilliantly in one of its more believable April Fool spoofs that claimed that British Waterways was about to become "Aquantis".

The "Anglers Conservation Association" and the "Angling Trust" sound like solid authoritative bodies that you could trust. "Fish Legal" - to me - sounds like a hot food outlet, but that could be because it reminds me of a Chinese Takeaway in Lincoln that called itself "Legal Food" (although I did wonder if that was a just a pronunciation error, as "Regal Food" sounds much more appetising).

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