Sunday, 20 September 2009

But Gnosall Had No Boats At All!

The closure of the Shropshire Union Canal at Shebdon embankment is having a huge effect on boat traffic locally. Yesterday, from waking aboard Starcross at 07.10 to setting off for Grub Street at 09.40 and then finally tying up back at Norbury Junction at 11.45 apart from Norbury Wharf's day boat, which was just setting out I saw no moving boats whatsoever.

The usually-busy visitor moorings at Gnosall were almost empty and although there were more boats at Norbury Junction many of them were the local liveaboards and bridge-hoppers rather than the hireboats and visiting craft we usually see at this time of year.

The fishermen looked a bit happier though!


Captain Ahab said...

I am making my annual pilgrimage to your neck of he woods in 3 weeks time and plan a cycle exploration of the Canal to Newport. I dont suppose you are going to be around?

Adam said...

Your Shroppie fishermen are in contrast to the ones on the Trent and Mersey we passed the other day, who were bemoaning the increased traffic, and wondering when the Shroppie would be open again!

Starcross said...

Andy, I have emailed you.

One of the anglers asked me when the canal would be re-opening and when I passed on the latest gossip and rumour that it won't be until Christmas (!) he looked VERY pleased!