Thursday, 10 September 2009

So Farewell Then, Langley Maltings

Photo of Langley Maltings (c) Tim lloydlangston made available under Creative Commons Licence
The historic, 130 year old former maltings on the BCN at Oldbury have been destroyed in a fire, believed to be caused by arsonists. Originally the Showell's Maltings and part of the Crosswell's brewing empire, the grade II-listed buildings were last used by Banks's brewery, closing in 2006.
Press reports suggest that although no planning application had been submitted, there were plans by new owners to convert them into flats - a job that will be much easier now that there will be no listed-building status to constrain them! Meanwhile, another canalside landmark disappears.

There's more about it here and here

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Captain Ahab said...

There is hardly anything left of the canalside industry, what with arsonists and the Govt's misguided changes to empty buildings rates relief all we now see are wide open vistas and piles of rubble.
Its a shame - so many historic buildings swept away in such a short space of time.