Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Still Around

I haven't been posting lately because the IT Police at work have once again blocked access on everyone's PC to anything that they consider we shouldn't be looking at - even in our own time! As this includes all blogging sites and as I struggle to find any time to get on my PC at home I haven't been able to post!

I did manage to get up to Norbury Junction the weekend before last and to drain down the domestic water system on Starcross and check the antifreeze in the engine before the recent big freeze so hopefully everything will be OK and we won't have to get another new water heater next year!

And if you are wondering how I'm managing to post this its because I'm at home today recuperating after a minor op yesterday to sort my heart out (again)! Let's hope it works this time......


Captain Ahab said...

I have missed you posts and was getting a bit worried about you.
I hope you make a speedy recovery.

Starcross said...

Thanks for saying so! Until the IT Police relent I may not be posting as often for a while. I've also acquired a slide scanner and what little time I can get on the home PC is being taken up with transferring several thousand 1970s 35mm slides (not all canals) to digital!

Captain Ahab said...

A slide scanner - I'm salivating at the thought. I identified about a hundred canal slides going back to 1967 a year ago and was, with my brother, planning to convert them to digital format. However, the unit he bought for about £80 was not up to the job and produced very fuzzy results - so he sent it back and has never got round to sourcing an alternative. What sort of machine have you got and what are the results like?
Lots of blog fodder?

Oh - my thought police will let me look at blogs but not add comments or enter posts. My solution is to write them in word format in my lunch hour and then e-mail them to myself for cutting and pasting in the evening.

An English Shepherd said...

They are in the Christmas spirt thoese IT police ;-)

Wizz :-)