Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Historic Narrowboats

One of the things I love about this whole internet thingy is how it keeps presenting you with new sources of information and entertainment, without you really trying.
I've recently gained one or two new "followers" to this blog and, being curious as to who should want to do such a thing, clicked on a few links, which led to some more links - which led to Historic Narrowboats - a site packed with information about the working boats: boat listings; fleet histories; news; videos etc etc that I found fascinating - but would probably never have come across without following the links.
So "thanks" to "Les and Chris H" and "FMC Minnow" (a site of considerable interest in iteslf) for leading me there.
Deep down, I envy the owners of these historic craft and wish I could join their ranks: but really, I know that I just don't have the time or the necessary skills to look after one, and I'm really happy that other people are able to do so for us all to enjoy.

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Les and Chris H said...

Hi Jim,

Glad we led you on to interesting sites. We are at the moment waiting to have our boat built by Braidbar at Macclesfield, and I (Chris) read all of the blog sites to gather all of the information/experiences I can. We have a good idea of what we want on our boat and with the help of the Braidbar team and others we should end up with a nice boat to live on in our retirement.
Thanks for the information on your web site it has been filed with all of the other info. Hopefully we will meet up on the cut some day.

Take it steady

Les & Chris H