Sunday, 11 April 2010

What a difference a month makes

A Spring morning in Grub Street Cutting

When I tied Starcross up at Norbury Junction on 7th March we had just endured enjoyed what can only be described as a winter cruise to Chester and back that started with heavy snow in Audlem and a burst pipe in Nantwich. Ice covered the cut on several mornings and also the cabin windows. It was one of the coldest weeks I've spent aboard a boat and that includes many December and January journeys.
Returning to Norbury on the afternoon of  9th April things could hardly have been more different. The temperature on the car thermometer read 17 degrees, the sun was bright enough to require sunglasses and a sunhat and for the first time since September we spent an evening aboard without having to light a fire. We had to be away early the following morning so we didn't go very far - just up to Grub Street, where it was warm enough to enjoy breakfast outside at eight o'clock. 
Spring is here at long long last!

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