Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My First Long Weekend - Day 1

Day One: Norbury Junction to Brewood
I now work a four-day week arranged so that I have alternate Mondays and Fridays off  so that every other weekend is a "long" one. Last weekend was the first opportunity to take advantage of this and extend my weekend's boating range a little with a trip down to Compton on the Staffs & Worcester.
After a very efficient train and bus journey from home I arrived at Newport (Shropshire) for an early lunch and a visit to the market for some food shopping before completing the journey to Norbury on the folding bike - a very useful asset for getting to and from a place with virtually no public transport.
First job was to go across to the water point and fill up, whilst emptying the toilet cassette. After that it was off along Shelmore embankment. I've had better days weather-wise on the cut, but it was good to be on the move again.
At Wheaton Aston I spotted Debdale on the visitor moorings. Debdale is currently based at Norbury Wharf and is ofetn seen o ut and about, although I must remember that as a shared-ownership boat it isn't necessarily blogger Adam that's on board.  Today, however, it was and we had time for a brief chat as I passed through. I almost stopped for the evening but I had my heart set on getting to Brewood, where the pubs and beer are better, although in the event I was so tired after staying up half the night before to watch the election results (Tories gained Hereford South - boo, hiss!) that I opted for an early night.

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