Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Braunston Trip - Day 0

Friday, 11th June
I arrived at Norbury Junction in the early evening after an uneventful trip by train, bus and folding bike. Norbury Wharf Ltd had been re-arranging the on-line moorings and Starcross had been moved up one boat length. I didn't mind - we now have more room between the boats. Under the old line-up space was so tight that if the boat next door had actually had a rear fender I couldn't have fitted into our allocated space! The downside was that the shackle and ring I'd bought to attach to the piece of angle-iron provided for mooring (No rings at Norbury Wharf!) now provides a convenient tying-up spot for my next door neighbour. Still, its worth it for the extra room.

All was quiet on the cut, so I decided to risk reversing down to the Wharf to wind, rather than go up to Grub Street. Reversing is much quicker, but there's a lot that can go wrong with a line of moored boats along either bank, a bridgehole to negotiate and always the possibility of passing boats. I have to say that the manoeuvre passed off perfectly and I was through the bridge, winded and tied up on the visitor moorings ready for a morning departure within minutes - and, unusually when things go well - I even had an audience!

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