Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Value for Money

Various family and other commitments have kept me away from "Starcross" for over six weeks - probably the longest period of time to elapse between visits since I bought her. The Bank Holiday weekend just gone did, however, provide - at long last - an opportunity.
Those of you who are aware of my mission to get the best value for money in train travel will not be surprised to learn that to get to Norbury Junction on the train I had to buy two separate return tickets and throw the return halves away!  I also had to alter my route to go via Birmingham and Stafford to take advantage of London Midland's "Summer Rail Sale"-which is still on until the end of the week if you can take advantage of it.
After the complications of getting there, it was a simple matter to untie, call at the water point to fill up and toddle off down to Gnosall, ready for a little excursion the following day.  I even managed to avoid the charms of the "Boat inn" and the "Navigation" that evening, opting instead to cycle down to the "Royal Oak" at the edge of the village for a couple of pints (its been done-up - too much like a restaurant and with snooty staff and expensive beer!) before calling at the chippy to collect a take-away supper (lovely fish, adequate chips but very expensive). Time was when fish and chips was a cheap treat but I don't call £6 for a carry-out "cheap" I'm afraid. Admittedly, the portion was big enough to have fed two, but that's not much good when you are on your tod!

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