Thursday, 12 August 2010

Free Memory

Once upon a time, local authorities used to be bombarded by endless fliers and brochures extolling the virtues of potential suppliers. Over time, printed material was replaced by CD's and then DVD's, which at least reduced the cost of postage even if it didn't make the content any more interesting.

Time marches on, and the latest development appears to be the replacement of the DVD by the memory stick - a development to be applauded. My first example of this came from an organisation called "Proceed", which I had never heard of before and of whose area of business I am still totally ignorant. It took only seconds to delete the presentation the stick contained and, with a 1GB capacity, it makes a useful back-up device for my collection of waterways photographs: of which the following is a gratuitous and random example.
Starcross on the Oxford Canal, near Braunston

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