Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Management Bingo

Management Bingo is a game you can play to while away the time at boring meetings. You make a list of all the latest management jargon, buzz words etc and cross them off one-by-one as they are used. First one to collect a "full house" wins!
You can also play the game with written communications and this memo, sent by managers at the organisation at which I work, is a classic. A "full house " in paragraph one!


The Council and NHS “X-shire” tendered, through the OGC Buying Solutions Framework, for a programme management team who would be responsible for scoping and implementing the programme of inter-related property based projects to rationalise the Council and NHSH operational office portfolio and create a hub and spoke model of support service activity in “X-shire”. This model was set out in the Joint Corporate Property Strategy approved by Cabinet and the NHSH Board in December 2009. (Identity of the organisation disguised to protect the guilty).

De-coded, it means they are bringing in yet more consultants for yet another re-organisation. If public expenditure must be cut this must be a good place to start!

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