Monday, 20 September 2010

A Working Weekend

Owning a boat is not all about cruising - there's work to be done as well. This weekend was one of our occasional "working weekends" on Starcross at Norbury Junction.
Hilary and I...
Painted part of the shaft and gangplank (until it started raining)
Replaced the grotty grey carpet in the sitting area with nice new blue carpet tiles
Replaced the even grottier grey carpet in the kitchen and corridor with nice new vinyl "wood" flooring
Repaired and revarnished the deckboard frame
Unbunged the bathroom sink (so that water actually flows down the plughole now!)
Dismantled and removed the broken reclining armchair, replacing it with something better
Replaced the remaining"bus bulb" lamps with SMDs from Baddie the Pirate
Fixed some rubber matting to the back cabin step.

Most of these were jobs that we'd meaning to do for ages but had been putting off. In the case of the flooring it was a fear of what we might find underneath the old carpet that was stopping us; but having plucked up the courage to remove it we found that all was sound and well underneath! Of course, there were frequent stops for tea and biscuits and the occasional trip to the Junction Inn and we rounded off the weekend with a meal at the Squirrel Inn just outside Ludlow on the way home.

Thanks, Hil..

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