Friday, 26 November 2010

Ice at Norbury - but will there be snow?

I arrived at Norbury Junction yesterday afternoon to find the lane outside the boatyard almost blocked by a huge articulated lorry carrying a narrow boat. Not all boats arrive at Norbury Wharf by water and this one was waiting for the crane to arrive to unload it.
As I needed to run the engine to recharge the batteries I decided to go up to Grub Street to wind. I sometimes reverse down to the wharf and turn there, but there wasn't much room and I didn't feel like making a fool of myself! Anyway, I'm glad I did what I did as the run up to Grub Street was splendid. The sun was going down as I set off and I was treated to a glorious sunset and an atmospheric dusk, arriving back at the wharf, where by now the newly-delivered boat was afloat, just as it got dark.
Dawn at Norbury
This was the scene at Norbury Junction this morning. A sharp frost had covered the canal in ice.Although for once I managed to keep the fire in  all night it was pretty low by morning and the bedroom being at the opposite end of the boat, there was ice on the inside of the window when I woke up.At least with some life left in it it was easy to get the fire going again and warm the boat up before breakfast.
About 09.00 one of Norbury Wharf's hire-boats came back to base, cutting a path through the ice so I untied and made my way down towards High Onn. Just approaching the winding hole -and concentrating hard - I got a call from the estate agent dealing with the sale of our house! It appears some more negotiation with the buyers is called for! 
After a quick coffee stop I completed the winding manoeuvre and returned to Gnosall, tying up on one of my favourite spots near the Boat Inn. According to gossip in the village shop snow has been falling in Shrewsbury and may be on its way here!

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