Friday, 19 November 2010

Shroppie Mileposts

The thirty-nine miles of the "Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal", now usually referred to as the Shropshire Union Main Line, between Autherley Junction and Nantwich are measured by a set of distinctive cast iron mileposts giving the distances to each terminal and, usefully for me, Norbury Junction! They are all to a standard design but there is a curiosity:
The first seven, between Nantwich and the top of Audlem locks, have black lettering on a white background. . .

Whereas the remainder through to Autherley Junction are all "white on black".
The changeover point happens to co-incide with the Cheshire / Shropshire county boundary, but I doubt that that is relevant, so if anyone does know why this happens, please let me know.


Captain Ahab said...

How come I never noticed that?

Halfie said...

Another curiosity is that some signs point the right way, and some point in the opposite direction (as in the two you show). Is this because some have been moved from the offside to the towpath side?

Starcross said...

Don't forget that the towpath changes sides! At "Nantwich 7" the towpath is on the eastern bank, but at "Nantwich 26" its on the western side.