Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Oops! I missed our anniversary!

Wardle Lock, Middlewich: One of the 2,126 locks used by Starcross since 2004
As well as an annual "Day of Reckoning" I also keep a running tally of days spent aboard, miles covered and locks traversed in the left-hand sidebar of this blog. Until today this read 364 days and 1,978 locks (I've already forgotten how many miles!). After compiling this year's "Reckoning", it occurred to me that I ought to cross-check the annual totals quoted with the running totals in the sidebar. I knew that they wouldn't tally exactly, because the annual figures don't include 2004 as I only acquired Starcross in mid-November that year after the winter stoppages on the Stratford Canal had started.
With the total days apparently standing at 364 I had been looking forward to celebrating an "anniversary" of one year's cumulative time aboard on my next visit and had already begun to speculate on which might be my 2,000th lock (on Starcross).
However, after adding in 2004's totals of 9 days (over Christmas), 54 miles and 78 locks  to the sum of the annual totals for 2005-10 I found that the Days Aboard are now 368, miles 2,751 and locks 2,126!  I've decided to stick to the new totals, even with the missed anniversary, on the grounds that they are higher and that I am less likely to have invented trips than forgotten them. Hopefully it won't take me another 5 years to spend another "year" aboard and I wonder if I can make my 3,000th lock in 2011?

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