Sunday, 2 January 2011

So Far So Good

A journey home to Hereford after seeing in the New Year with Gwen and Martin, who live alongside the yet-to-be-restored section of the Lancaster Canal in Kendal, gave us the opportunity to call in at Norbury Junction yesterday afternoon. I do worry about leaving Starcross unattended - and unheated - in the sort of weather we've been having recently but all seemed to be OK. Engine started first time and there were no obvious burst water pipes (although I won't really know until the system is refilled in the Spring). We had time to light a fire to warm things up a bit, although our plans for lunch were scuppered by arriving on what must be the eighth day as far as Norbury Wharf's cafe is concerned, forcing us to raid the storecupboards to rustle up a meal ("Cuppa Soup" and Cream Crackers followed by a tin of peaches!).
I was also pleased to see that the run from Lancaster (to where we hope to relocate later this year) to the yard took only two hours, which is as long as it currently takes from Hereford despite being half as far again in distance terms. The fact that the route is via the M6 and A519 rather than the A49 and a series of unclassified roads obviously helps here.

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