Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The View from the Junction Inn

A free day today, before the packing begins in earnest for our forthcoming house move: time for a trip to the boat!  A few jobs to be done on board, then lunch. Two pints of Banks's Mild (and I'm so glad they've given it back its original name of "Mild" rather than the unoriginal "Original" - if you see what I mean) and a plateful - and I mean full - of that other Black Country delicacy - faggots and peas.
As well as the food and drink I always enjoy a visit to the Junction Inn for the view. Unlike many pubs, it has clear glass windows so you can keep an eye on what's going on outside as you sup.
The view from the Junction Inn
That's Norbury Wharf opposite. You can find out what's been happening there today in Simon and David's blog.   
After lunch, despite the weather, I couldn't resist a trip up to Grub Street and back. Its only three miles and you can be there and back within the hour. Of course, when I got to Grub Street I wanted to carry on to Shebdon Wharf, so I did and it was nearly dark by the time I got back.  The Shroppie cuttings seem to have their own micro-climates and Grub Street today was no exception, with a band of low-lying mist obscuring the surface of the water whilst leaving the tops of moored boats visible.
Only seven miles and no locks, but a great start to the 2011 boating season!

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