Friday, 11 March 2011

Gripes Update

My previous two posts have been rants against poor service - from Post Office Telephones and the railways.
There has been some progress!
Out of the blue we had a call from the Post Office: someone from the bill-chasing department wishing to speak to the previous occupant - in whose name our phone line is still registered. We explained our recent move and their failure to transfer our phone and broadband account. It appears bill-chasers are rather more senior than mere "customer service (sic) assistants" as within days we received a call from a previously-unavailable manager in the complaints department. Unfortunately, we missed the call - but when we rang back we were put through to him after only ten minutes on hold!
Our broadband has, apparently, been reconnected and the problem was caused in the very early stages of the transfer by someone entering incorrect data into the system. (Generally known as a "computer error"when I do it myself!)

No such luck on the railways. Despite Hereford booking office having been closed for months it appears that work on its refurbishment hasn't even started yet. Arriva blames its contractors (but, er...don't they actually have a contract to manage) and in the meantime people continue to miss trains because of the delay in getting tickets from the temporary facility coupled with a penalty fare system if you dare to board without a ticket!

So, one step forward and one sideways.  I'll get back to posting about canals soon!

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