Sunday, 20 March 2011


Lancaster basin and the Water Witch pub
To Lancaster: but not aboard Starcross - she was still in the dry dock at Norbury Wharf waiting for her final coat of blacking to dry.I know, because David Ray, the manager there, posted a photo on his blog.
I went on the train - and those of you who know and understand my mission in life to beat the railways' ludicrous fares system will be pleased to hear that I managed it for 50% of the advertised through fare by the simple expedient of travelling the long way round via Manchester, which didn't even take any longer thanks to being able to make a spot connection there because the Hereford train actually arrives 10 minutes before the published time so that Arriva Trains Wales can claim it is "on time" even when it is 20 minutes late!

I went to see a man about a house - a solicitor actually and about a house we are in the process of buying, although as we'd only seen it once, on a quiet Saturday afternoon, I wanted to check the area in the evening to make sure it was still quiet then and that we were not going to end up living next door to the drummer in the local heavy metal band.  If we are, then he was away.  It's only a ten minute walk from the city basin  - and therefore the Water Witch pub - and has the added attraction (to me anyway) of having the West Coast Main Line at the bottom of the garden.

There's more to Lancaster than canals and railways of course. As an introduction, here is a view of the main city centre bus terminus (with the cathedral, Town Hall and Ashton Memorial towers in the background).

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