Friday, 25 March 2011

Why Go Anywhere, when it's so nice here?

I've just returned from three days aboard Starcross on her mooring at Norbury Wharf. Three brilliant days of early morning mists, warm (but not-too-warm) sunny days and clear starry nights. Perfect!
Almost perfect too is Starcross herself, with her hull just having been blacked in the dry dock across the cut and the last of the winter frost damage to the plumbing repaired. Not quite "perfect" however as the Morco water heater is refusing to wake-up from its winter slumber and as any attempt by me at gas-related work would result in death by either suffocation or explosion, I'll be leaving it to the boatyard to sort out.
Of course, to match the shiny bottom I just had to wash and polish the top - both sides - and the roof (although obviously I didn't polish that bit!). With the need to turn the boat round used as an excuse for a trip up to Grub Street and back that took most of a day. 
Washed, polished and newly-blacked: Things can only get worse!
Time was when I couldn't possibly have spent three days aboard without wanting to go somewhere, but with the weather as it was - and Norbury the place it is - and with plenty  to keep me occupied I was more than happy just to stay and enjoy.

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Nev Wells said...


We often just stay on the mooring. It is a little community at Fradley so plenty to talk about and to do.

We do eventually get mooring fever then we can go off in quite a few directions !!

She looks good