Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Royal Wedding Avoidance Trip - Day 0

It's all happened in a bit of a rush, but it looks as if I've got me a fortnight's boating! Hil and I will be taking Starcross down the Staffs & Worcester as far as Stourport, then I'll bring her back picking up Mark and Mandy, the previous owners, on the way. This will give them a chance to do some boating on a stretch they never managed when they were the owners, as well as the more familiar Shroppie. It'll also give Mandy another chance to negotiate Autherley Junction - a task she apparently had some trouble with last time! (Although that was on their very first boating trip! - sorry, Mandy!)
I'll be catching a train up to Norbury tomorrow (on a half-price sale London Midland ticket, you'll be pleased to hear) and will be on my way south some time tomorrow afternoon!

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