Friday, 29 April 2011

That Wedding Day Timetable in Full

08.00  Wake up, switch on radio - wall-to-wall wedding coverage on all stations.
08.02  Switch off radio, turn over, go back to sleep.
09.00  Resurface. Find Radio Three has no wedding coverage, tune to Radio Three.
09.30  Breakfast
10.51  Depart York Street Moorings for Upper Basin.
11.00  Arrive Upper Basin, tie up at water point.
11.05  Filling of water tank commences.
11.14  Ceremonial emptying of toilet cassette in disposal facility.
11.20  Filling of water tank completed.
11.40  Wedding Day Photographs

Starcross in the Upper Basin, Stourport on Royal Wedding Day
12.30  Official reception for Mrs Hum of narrowboat Humdinger who just happened to be passing and called in to introduce herself. Good to meet you!
13.00  Official lunch (pork pie, pickle, beer)
14.00 onwards - joined rest of population in sleeping, shopping, drinking and sundry other bank holiday activities!


Travelling in No Direction said...

Starcross certainly looks radiant in the wedding day photo,s

Captain Ahab said...

That dress - I'll bet the bit you likes was the train....

Starcross said...

Washed and polished specially for the occasion, obviously!