Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We interrupt this Cruise Report . .

. . . to tell you a bit about cycling. Hil had brought along her touring bike, whilst I had to make do with my Dahon folder, which normally only see use between the mooring at Norbury Wharf and the bus stop at Gnosall. Starting from Hinksford we went back to Swindon, recrossing the canal, then north to Halfpenny Green, Seisdon, Pattingham, Albrighton, Worfield, Badger (yes, there really is a village called Badger), Claverley, Enville and Kinver, where we had a pint of the local brew in the canalside Vine Inn before joining the hordes of cyclists and walkers on the towpath back to Hinksford. Somewhere along the way we came across this superb signpost
(and you can just see the rear wheel of my folding bike on the right!)  We measured it later at 44 miles so you  won't be surprised to lean that it was another quiet night in back at Hinksford.

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