Wednesday, 22 June 2011

And Another Thing (about Glasson Dock)

Possibly the most interesting thing about Glasson Dock is that it is still a working commercial port. Despite being situated several miles up the narrow, twisting and tidal River Lune and despite the proximity of much bigger ports such as Heysham it still handles regular seagoing commercial traffic.
Ships don't actually enter the old dock any more but are unloaded (I think it's all inbound trade) on the river quay - a most unexpected sight in these days of mega-docks and container ships.
Commercial shipping at Glasson Dock
The port of Glasson was originally developed to replace that at Lancaster, four miles further upstream, but even with a direct canal link and an available disused wharf in the city centre it is, sadly, too much to hope that goods will ever be taken to the city by water again.

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Unknown said...

There is a fairly regular cargo service 'twixt Glasson and the IOM, normally using the Silver River cargo ship which enters the Dock. Silver River is presently in Poland (May 2014) for a refit, and its duties are being undertaken by the Isis, which although larger just sqeezes into the Dock.