Friday, 24 June 2011

The Boats Arrive

The Historic Working Boat Gathering takes place this weekend and if you are a working boat fan then Braunston is the only place to be!
Boats have been arriving throughout the day. Highlight of the morning was a convoy of eight or nine - pairs and single motors - coming in down the Oxford Canal and passing Starcross on her mooring. All I had to do was stand in the hatches and watch them go by. I was so entranced that I completely forgot to make a note of their names or take any photos, but I did recognise David Ray from Norbury Wharf steering one of the pairs.
Later I did manage to get these shots of newly-restored Greenock approaching Braunston,
and this distant view of former steamer, Monarch just about to pass Starcross' mooring.
By mid-afternoon boats were four-deep on the mooring outside the marina.
and even as I write this at 8pm more boats are still arriving.

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