Monday, 27 June 2011

Six Boats in the Basin

Over the years I've watched the slow progress of the restoration of the Droitwich canals from the window of the Hereford to Birmingham train as it crosses the Barge Canal just outside Droitwich Spa station and then runs parallel to it through Vines Park. In the last twelve months or so the most obvious sign of work in progress has been the arrival of pontoons in Netherwich Basin, for permanent and visitor moorings.

When this photo was taken almost twelve months ago work had only just started. But the Droitwich Barge Canal,  which links the town to the River Severn, opened on 20 June and the Junction Canal, which completes the through route to the Worcester & Birmingham, re-opens this weekend and I was pleased to see, as I passed through on the train today, no fewer than six narrowboats in the basin. Ironically, I'm due to take the Birmingham train from Hereford for probably the last time on Friday - the day of the opening ceremony -  as we are just about to move house and home to Lancaster, but I'm pleased to have seen the canals open before I leave.

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