Friday, 8 July 2011

Taken Away on a Trailer

As part of our long-drawn-out move to Lancaster we needed to get rid of a lot of furniture, particularly  those items too big for our new house.  (What it must be like moving onto a boat  I can't imagine. . .)

I managed to find someone at the local bus company who was interested in our three-piece suite and dining table and chairs. So, this morning, two burly bus drivers arrived to collect it. They came with a two-wheeled trailer that wasn't much bigger than the sofa itself, but despite not being professional removal men, or perhaps because of it, we managed to pack the entire suite and the table and chairs aboard the trailer, half-covered it with a tarpaulin and lashed it all down with string after which it disappeared in the general direction of the bus depot!

I was really glad to have got rid of it and breathed a sigh of relief. . .and then realised that we will have nowhere to sit down or eat for the next two days!


Travelling in No Direction said...

Jim, you may have to spend the next 2 days sitting a Pub !!

Kevin said...

Either that or, heaven forbid, MacDonalds... LOL

Jim said...

It should be pretty clear which way I would choose out of those two!

Alf said...

"What it must be like moving onto a boat ?"
Easy ! Once you have discovered the cost of storage, the local tip/car-boot sales get to know you by your first names !