Monday, 1 August 2011

New Moorings - Sneak Preview

I spent Friday night at Gnosall and set off early Saturday morning for the two-mile run back to Norbury Junction as I needed to get away quickly to get back to Lancaster for lunchtime. It was just as well I did.
On arrival at Norbury I found my mooring space occupied by another boat! I then had to reverse down the moorings to find a free space to tie up, which happened to be Cal and Ira's space for Albion who I knew were still on their way back from their summer trip to the Thames. 
As I needed to get away quickly and Simon at the Wharf was very busy with "turnround day" (for the hire boats) I agreed to put Starcross temporarily up at the far end of the moorings (which are almost in Grub Street cutting!) on the basis that it would give me a "free trial" of the improved arrangements :-)
When I left Norbury in May, my mooring looked like this
Now, at least at the far end (well beyond the tree in the distance) they now look like this:
There's a gravel path still to be added and additional water and hook-up points to come but at least you can now get an idea of what it will look like. Until then, when it rains it will still look like the aftermath of the battle of the Somme and at the present rate of progress it could well be "all over by Christmas", although Simon has already calculated how much the mooring fees will have to rise next year!
By the way, there is something a bit unusual about the arrangements here, can you spot what it is?


Adam said...

Would that be the rings on the inside of the decking? A mistake, or is there a good reason?

Jim said...

Got it in one! I assumed a mistake at first but it's because of the lack of piling and backfilling (too expensive) and the way the decking is constructed.

Adam said...

I thought there would be a reason -- I don't think Simon does things by mistake!

Travelling in No Direction said...

That paintwork looks good Jim, been polishing have we?

Anonymous said...

OK, you caught me out there - but I only did the one side! It's not looking bad for nearly three years old.