Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tempus Fugit

A post by Ray on "No Direction" reminds me that the Cadbury's wharf building at Knighton has a sign, now almost illegible, to record the fact that it was used by working boats "between 1911 and 1961"
You can see it on the bottom left of the awning in this shot taken a few years ago but it's deteriorated since then. That means that although the wharf came into service long after the hey-day of commercial carrying it has now been disused (for cargo carrying) for just as long as it was in use. 
I don't know who put the sign there, but it wouldn't it be nice if it could be re-furbished to mark the anniversary?

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MartYn said...

Hi folks,
Just to let you know if you don't already that mid September this year there is to be a commemorative run from Knighton to Bourneville on the newly restored nb 'Mendip'. Mendip ('chocolate charlies' boat) has been restored at the 'Heritage Boatyard', part of the National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port. The trip is to mark the anniversary and Mendip, presently being skilfully painted by Phil Speight,is being crewed by Boatyard trainees who have restored the boat, members of the Boat Museum Society and relatives of 'chocolate charlie'(but not all at the same time, allegedly.)A full itinerary will be published nearer the time.
Just thought you would like to know
Cheers for now
MartYn nb cherokee