Monday, 26 September 2011

See You Later

One of the joys of travelling around the country used to be the many and various ways in which you heard, or overheard, people saying "goodbye".
'Bye, Cheers, Cheerio, Ta-ta, Tara-a-bit, Tara-our kid,  TTFN, So Long, See Yer", and no doubt many others that I haven't come across or can't remember. But is it just me or have all these been replaced by the seemingly ubiquitous "See You Later". I first noticed it when we moved to Lancaster. We suddenly had dealings with a whole host of new people, tradesmen, neighbours, shopkeepers and I couldn't help noticing that almost all of them ended a conversation with "See You Later". At first I thought it was a regional thing, but then I overheard someone use the expression in Hereford, then Worcester, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool - in fact everywhere I went - and its been a long time since I heard anyone say "goodbye" in any other way!

Where has it come from?  I assume its off the telly but does anyone know?  Probably some Australian soap-opera and we'll no doubt all be using it until the next phrase comes along!

And on the subject of "seeing you later" as I have no plans for boating in the foreseeable future, rather than fill the space with posts on steam engines and pub toilets (to name but two recent subjects) I'm going to take a break until I have something of waterways interest to say.
So, See You, er,. . . later!

Oh, I see: It's "txt spk"  C U L8R


Kevin said...

Haste ye back Jim... as they say north of the border :)

Anonymous said...

See you later, alligator. Thats what we said when I was a kid and that was over 40 years ago. So it was (nearly)always there, not something new from the telly!