Friday, 9 September 2011

Short trip to Henhull

Whilst Starcross has been sitting quietly on the 48h moorings at Nantwich embankment (if you've been watching the webcam at Nantwich Canal Centre over the last few days you'll have seen her) I've been down in South Wales visiting my mum on her 86th birthday. With a mum of 86 and a dad of 92 both in reasonable health and living independently I'm planning on living for ever!!
So when I got back to Nantwich this afternoon, Starcross had just about overstayed her welcome in this very popular location and, irrespective of the rules and the possibility of enforcement, it was time to move on. However, I want to spend some time in Nantwich itself so first of all I went up to Henhull to turn. The long-term mooring site at Henhull is possibly unique on the canals.
The  moorings themselves are on the offside (to the right in the photo above) but have no land access. Moorers get to their boats by means of small tenders which are kept in the car park on the towpath side and rowed across to the boats. One mooring space is provided on the towpath for loading and unloading (you can see a boat on it in the photo)and it is very jealously guarded by the local,s as I found to my cost once when we stopped briefly to transfer some stuff to our car, which we had left in their car park. I subsequently found out that although its a standard BW car park accessed via a standard BW key, they guard the car park as jealously as the mooring and have been known to blockade strangers' cars presumably until they plead for mercy and beg to be released!
No trouble today though as I was only passing through to wind before returning to Nantwich. At Nantwich the 48hr moorings north of the aqueduct are separated from those to the south by a stretch where mooring is prohibited and a length of permit holder only moorings. I've therefore concluded that they are two different sites and am now ensconced for another stay -  and if you think differently, just keep it to yourself, please! 

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Adam said...

I've learned something! We've been past those moorings several times, but I didn't know about the lack of access and the tenders.