Saturday, 17 September 2011

Why did it take me so long?

Although there is always something to do by way of maintenance on a narrowboat sometimes it's those little jobs that take the longest.
Ever since Starcross had a new engine and instrument panel fitted three years ago I've been annoyed by the fact that with the ignition key in place the cork ball float on the keyring fouls the fold-out step that is so useful in getting between the counter and the roof - something a single-hander does a lot in the locks. 
It sometimes also fouled the throttle lever when it was put in reverse - particularly annoying if you were doing it in a panic hurry.
I've known what needed doing for ages and I've even had the bits to do it with, but it was only when stormbound at Adderley last Monday that I got round to it.
A simple hook screwed into the panel to hook the float up to - a job accomplished in seconds, but one which took three years to do.


Halfie said...

Would it not simply have hooked over the ignition key itself?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I tried that, but it kept falling off!