Wednesday, 18 January 2012

More Traveller's Tales

Crewe Bus Station
Crewe bus station has been tarted-up. You might not believe it from the photo but a fresh coat of paint and some cosmetic building works at least mean you no longer feel like an inhabitant of Skid Row just by being there. Even the cafe has had a makeover, although the more genteel traveller may prefer to go across the road to M&S for a sandwich. Actually she'd have had to: the cafe had run out of sandwiches by 1pm!
As well as taking you through unexpectedly scenic places, buses can also reveal that large proportions of the population of these islands actually live in areas of unrelieved mediocrity and tedium. The 31 bus to Northwich was one such bus. Although it did cross the Middlewich branch at Church Minshull and almost went past the "Badger" pub, well-known by boaters, the second part of the trip through the interminable 1970s suburbs of Winsford and Northwich was enough to put you off travelling for life. It was a relief to actually arrive in Northwich, where the 25 minutes before my next bus was long enough for another walk round the market (and another quick wotsit) as well as allowing a quick inspection of the magnificent swing-bridge over the River Weaver in the town centre.
River Weaver Swing-bridge at Northwich


Halfie said...

Perhaps the next part of the tarting up process could be the removal of the chewing gum fron the ground. If I can see it in your (unenlarged) photo then it mus be very bad! The painted wall on the left looks like a temporary hoarding. Is it?

Jim said...

It just shows what a hardened bus traveller I am - I never noticed the gum! The painted boarding covers previously derelict shop windows.