Monday, 20 February 2012

I Wasn't Looking Forward to Today

I wasn't looking forward to today, it was one of those days when I really wished I was off boating. First up I had a swimming lesson, my second, and I really wasn't looking forward to it. My first lesson, a fortnight ago, had taught me that I had an awful lot to learn and to quote my instructor I was "a natural sinker"! I even tried losing my bike lock keys so that I couldn't go, but Hilary came up with a spare.
So, I got there in plenty of time, got changed and hung about the pool where I waited for the instructor. . .and waited and waited. When it got to the point when the lesson should have been half over I gave up and went to get my money back - and I didn't know whether to feel annoyed that she'd wasted my time or relieved that I didn't have to go through with it.

Then, this afternoon I had an appointment for a bout with Mohammed Ali!  He's my dentist (and before anyone says so I do know that the former world champion boxer spells his name Muhammed, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story). Off I went to the clinic, walked through the door, up the stairs and into reception - to find builders busy ripping the place apart! Apparently the practice has closed down and amalgamated with the one around the corner. I made the appointment a month ago, but nobody thought to tell me! There wasn't even a notice on the door and I had to ask the foreman what had happened!

When I eventually found Mr. Ali he turned out to be a very nice man that I'll be happy to have as my dentist (although I still wouldn't want to do 15 rounds with him) and he only wants me to have one filling.

But, all in all, I would rather have gone boating.

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No Direction said...

No swimming and one filling, good result.