Monday, 6 February 2012

In at the Deep End

Hilary has always been concerned about my inability to swim - particularly when I'm single-handing on Starcross.  It's never bothered me - I've always said, and only half-jokingly, that if I ever fell in I'd just get up and walk out. Deep down however (if you'll pardon the pun) I've always realised that it's not as simple as that. Even our shallow and narrow canals have deeper bits and of course there are always the locks. In fact, the nearest I've ever come to falling in was crossing the tail of a lock one dark and rainy night on the Oxford Canal. I saved myself by the skin of my teeth that time, but next time I may not be so lucky!
If I ever take Starcross somewhere like the River Severn or the Trent I'll happily wear a life preserver but of course no one who's job description doesn't compel them to do so wears one on the canals do they?
Anyway - Hilary's gone and booked me a lesson, without telling me I might add, and it's tomorrow.
I am so not looking forward to it!


Kevin said...

Don't worry Jim, you'll take to it like a duck to water :
Good luck!

Alf said...

At least learn to float, I was taught at the age of 38 in a hospital physio pool, at the time my legs were not working, so they taught me to lay back into the water & relax, the bodys natural buoyancy takes over & you float ! (It helped that it was a very hot pool !) I have been in a couple of times since then & the knowledge that you can float helps to stop you panicking.