Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ulverston Canal not "Boring" - Official!

I was wrong about the Ulverston Canal when I wrote recently that it is the most boring canal in the country.  In fact, it contains a very significant and almost unique feature that I saw, but did not understand the significance of.  Now a local industrial historian has revealed that one of bridges that spans the canal is, in fact, one of only two surviving "rolling bridges" in the country.
I saw the bridge during my visit. In fact I took this picture of it.
Rolling bridge over the Ulverston Canal
But I'd assumed that the railway, which served the works on the opposite bank,  must have been built after traffic on the canal had ceased and therefore did not need to have been built to navigation height. Now, according to this BBC News Report, which blog reader and occasional Starcross crew member Mark has brought to my attention, a local expert has discovered that the bridge was moveable and could roll back into a recess on the far side to clear the channel and allow ships to pass along the canal. Similar, in fact, to the one at Keadby that carries the Doncaster to Scunthorpe railway line over the Stainforth & Keadby Canal. With a feature such as this the Ulverston Canal cannot possibly be described as boring and the mantle of Britain's most boring waterway thus passes to. . . .(any ideas?)


Sarah said...

Possibly the Denver Relief Channel or (for my money) the Hundred Foot Drain? (You did say waterway so I hope those qualify even if not built primarily as navigations)

No Direction said...

Good luck with Mohammed Ali on Monday.