Thursday, 23 February 2012

Well and truly stuck in 1971

This is Gardenia, well and truly stuck at Lichfield Road Bridge, Hopwas in July 1971 when working as part of the Keep the Channel Clear campaign. The bridgehole was obstructed by a huge pile of bricks and we spent most of the morning removing them by hand - or rather by foot as I recall the most efficient method was to dangle off the bow and pick up the bricks between our heels until we'd cleared a sufficiently wide passage to proceed.  During all this a reporter from the local paper turned up and took photos, but we never did get a copy, so if anyone's got an "Express & Star" from July 1971. . . .!
Ray on New Direction  No Direction has suggested I should post some pictures of me "from my hippy days". I'm in this one - on the extreme left of the group trying to puzzle out what to do next, but all you can see of me is my hair! 
It's not that long - or that colour  -any more!


Halfie said...

Has Ray renamed his boat?

No Direction said...

Well spotted Halfie

Jim said...

How about it Ray? (Or shall I just correct the post?)