Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Embankment Revisited

On Tuesday I spent six hours on a train going down to the west of Wales to see my parents. I could have done it in five, but I had to go via Manchester to avoid the rip-off fares on the West Coast Main Line via Crewe! It still seems remarkable to me that I can now get on a through train at Manchester and get off, albeit four-and-a-half hours later, at "Pembrey & Burry Port" - an obscure unstaffed halt in Carmarthenshire. The train was bang-on time and it was a much better journey than the seven-hour marathon it would be by car!
After a previous visit I posted something about the local harbour and its connecting canal and tramways, which I called "The Canal, the Dock and the Embankment" and which has turned out to be the third most popular post in the four years of this incarnation of the Starcross blog. I don't understand why - it's a very obscure post about a very obscure subject, but I've provided the link to see if I can make it even more popular!

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