Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sally Ash and the Spanish Inquisition

The following message from BW's Head of Boating appeared in my inbox yesterday

Dear Boat Owner

I am writing to ask for your help with a very important survey.

Every couple of years or so, British Waterways conducts a survey of boat owner attitudes:  it provides an important measure of customer satisfaction which is monitored closely by the Board and which influences spending priorities around the network.

Over time, the survey reveals trends in boating which also helps with planning and management.   The survey is sent to a random sample of boat licence holders and this helps to ensure that the picture it reveals is as accurate as possible.

Your opinions are greatly valued so please take time to complete the survey; it should take around 15 minutes.  The findings are completely anonymous and can never be traced back to individuals.

The results will be analysed by an independent research agency and their report published in early summer

(survey link removed as it will not work more than once)

Many thanks for your help and time to complete the questionnaire.

Yours sincerely

Sally Ash

Well, it was nice to be chosen, even if only at random, but surprisingly difficult to answer all 49 questions based on my memories of 2011's boating "season"
So, if the results show that boaters:
  • defined congestion at locks as "being delayed for 30 minutes"  but that it "wasn't a problem"
  •  were "extremely satisfied" with the overall experience but didn't consider it "value for money"
  •  and "would choose a towpath mooring" but felt "there were too many moored boats" it's probably me to blame.


Sarah said...

Hmm. Bet you didn't expect that.

Jim said...

Nobody does. . . .

No Direction said...

Yes Jim I also had one of these from the Mighty Midget, I got halfway through, lost the will to live and just about managed to delete it before I passed out.