Friday, 6 April 2012

Cannock Chase

Wednesday, 28th March
A change of plan today. Our original intention of getting to Stone was abandoned in favour of a return to Great Haywood and a walk up onto Cannock Chase. We did something very simiar last time we were up this way in 2009 and enjoyed it enough to want to repeat the exercise.
As we were tied up last past the winding hole near Shirleywich the first task was to reverse the couple of hundred metres or so and turn, a task I accomplished almost faultlessly because there was no one around to witness it. We were soon back at Great Haywood where we left Starcrross on the visitor moorings and set off through the village towards the Chase.
The village itself is not without interest.
The Memorial Hall commemorates the war of 1914 - 1919!
At the village school bike shed these mini-scooters seem to be taking over from bikes. 
Still, it's better than the children being driven there by car.
From the school a gate leads on to some National Trust land and appears to offer an off-road route to the Chase. Except that it doesn't. There is no way out at the other end and we were forced to return to the school and then find our way onto the towpath towards Littlle Haywood. But after this false start we had a most enjoyable walk, getting onto the chase at "Severn Springs" and walking through woodland (where we got a bit lost) and open heath and then down again and through the grounds of Shugborough Hall back to the boat.

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