Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fame at Last

Recently I posted a tale told me by my old boating mate, Mark who lives in Oxford, concerning a single-handed boater that refused his offer of help at a lock on "Health & Safety" grounds. You can find it here.
I thought the story deserved a wider audience so I sent it off to the editor of "Waterways World" and he obviously agreed, because it's been published on the letters pages of the May edition.

My old English teacher was of the view that writing letters to newspapers and magazines was silly because all you did was provide them with free copy that they would otherwise have to pay someone to produce, but I don't think I'm alone at getting at least a slight thrill at seeing my name in print!


No Direction said...

I shall stand in W.H.Smiths and read it again.

Mark Doran said...

Thanks Jim. It'll be interesting to see the responses. Today's risk-averse culture inadvertently discourages offers of a helping hand!

Jim said...

No you won't - its been shrink-wrapped this month!

Mark, Sometimes I wonder how anything gets done any more.

Jim said...
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