Sunday, 13 May 2012


Dave and Annette
Visitors today in the form of Dave and Annette whom I know from my time in Worcester. They had walked up the canal from Stourport to meet me in Wolverley and to have a ride back. It was good to see them again and to have them on board. Although not boaters themselves they have done enough boating to know how to work the locks, giving me an easy day at the tiller.
Their garden backs on to the Staffs & Worcester Canal just outside Stourport, so we were able to tie up under the bridge that carried the Hartlebury to Bewdley section of the Severn Valley Railway and adjourn to their house for lunch.
Out to lunch!
Later, I moved Starcross down to York Street moorings, just above the basins, to wait until mid-week for my crew for the next stage of the trip. The river level indicator at the entrance lock had just dropped into the amber from the red so unless it rains heavily in Wales (!) over the next few days we should be able to keep to schedule.

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