Monday, 11 June 2012

Proceeding With Caution

"Proceed with caution" said the sign at Alrewas, where the Trent & Mersey Canal enters the River Trent for the short section to Wychnor, although the indicator board at the tail of Alrewas lock was actually well into the green (i.e.normal conditions apply)
The towpath is carried over a long footbridge spanning the river at this point and as you can see conditions were indeed "normal"

Whilst I'd been home in Lancaster for a few days I'd enjoyed some lovely warm and sunny weather - a reminder of what summer is really like - but as soon as Hugh and I set off from Alrewas this afternoon it started to drizzle and the rain got steadily worse until just before we arrived at Shobnall, when it stopped. 
This is the view from the bow tonight. I think it might give us an idea or two as to what to do later on!

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Ian and Karen said...

Wondered how you were faring out in river country. Enjoy the canal for a few more days. We enjoyed the brewery museum at Burton earlier this year but couldn't get in on a tour.
Have fun.