Thursday, 14 June 2012

Seeing the Erewash in a Different Light

Today I saw the Erewash Canal in a different light - sunlight!  And what a difference it made. The green bits seemed greener, the scenery better and even the urban sections around Ilkeston and Long Eaton were less depressing. 
Sandiacre Church from the canal
Headquarters of the Erewash Canal Preservation and Development Association  at Sandiacre Lock
If yesterday we had slogged up to Langley Mill in a respectable seven hours, today we really flew back down in six. We made an early start  -so early that we poled Starcross into the first lock to avoid disturbing our neighbours  - and were helped by having all the locks in our favour, which not only meant we didn't have to fill them but also that we didn't have to fiddle around unlocking the top paddles and locking up again (the Erewash locks are a bit more elaborate than the spring-loaded bolts found on the BCN for example).
I did have to make two visits to the weedhatch, but only for weed, and we were back at Trent Lock by 11.20. I had my second taste of the Trent on the way down to Beeston. I'm slowly getting used to it and I was almost enjoying it in the sunshine. Getting used to it slowly and a bit at a time has been a good idea and has done a lot in overcoming my "river nerves".
Approaching Beeston Lock from the Trent
Today's weather was an unexpected bonus but it's raining again in Beeston tonight with a dreadful forecast for the morning!


Adam said...

We have a tentative plan to include the Erewash in a trip in September. You'd actually sold it to me yesterday, but it sounds even better today!

Jim said...

I'm sure YOU would enjoy it, although I still think it's not to everyone's taste.

Adam said...

Indeed -- I've read plenty of accounts by people who didn't like it at all. But I always reckon it's best to check these places out for yourself. Looking forward to reading about your travels further north.

Ian and Karen said...

We found the Erewash all right, an interesting waterway, with some lovely spots. Although we did get tagged with spray can paint in Ilkeston, it didn't put us off.

Halfie said...

You personally, or the boat?

Ian and Karen said...

doh, the boat.